2022-2023 School Year Statistics

Big Impact. Big Results.

Communities In Schools is a learning organization committed to ongoing use of data and research to improve practice and drive positive outcomes for the schools and students it serves. To this end, CIS has invested in third-party evaluations to validate the CIS model and help build an evidence base for Integrated Student Supports. This third-party evaluation conducted by MDRC as part of the Social Innovation Fund found evidence of positive effects of Integrated Student Supports and case management for at-risk students and low performing schools. Additionally, MDRC provided recommendations that have been embraced by CIS to improve practice and upgrade its standards under the Total Quality System.

Sharing Our Successes

Connecting the Dots Between Aspirations and Achievements

“I want to become a teacher, but I can’t pay for college.” “Can you help my mom fill out my FAFSA?” “I didn’t pass a class! Can I make up the credits and graduate over the summer?” Fielding big questions–and alleviating heavy worries–are all in a day’s work for Amy Derrer, CIS Program Manager and Site Coordinator at Mancelona High School.

Ryan Finds a Way Forward

Ryan* was struggling academically. His teachers at Mancelona Elementary School suspected that he needed additional support to succeed. So the school reached out to Ryan’s family to authorize a Review of Existing Evaluation Data (REED), a process that formally determines the educational services he needed to flourish. But dad worked long hours, and every attempt to make contact was unsuccessful.

Standing Up and Standing Tall

School used to be a bright spot in Tabby’s* life, but bullying about her appearance made school less enjoyable. Knowing that her CIS Site Coordinator’s door was always open, Tabby looked to Ms. Autumn for advice and affirmation.

Riley: Sharing her Talents Through Giving

When Riley started her 5th grade year, she suffered the loss of her grandfather. The unconditional support from her CIS site coordinator, Lisa Shepperley helped Riley stay on track and inspired her to use her creativity to impact others in a meaningful way

Ashlee: Defeating the Odds to Begin a College Career

Moving to the rural northern Michigan community of Mancelona was a tremendous challenge for Ashlee and her family. Ashlee was born with a visual impairment and diagnosed as legally blind. As a new student, with unique challenges, Ashlee admits

Noah & Owen: An Opportunity to Achieve

Noah and Owen did not graduate with their senior class this past June. They did not meet the traditional definition, or timeline, of a high school graduate.
“I appreciate the CIS Site Coordinator at my son’s school! She took on the responsibility of checking in with him daily and if it wasn’t for her there is no way I could keep him on task while he is at school. Not only does the Site Coordinator help him get his work done, she understands how he thinks and what he needs to be productive. My son told me he feels comfortable with the Site Coordinator and that’s huge as he is a quiet kid and doesn’t connect with many adults.”
A Grateful Parent