New School Intent Form

School districts interested in participating in Communities In Schools of Northwest Michigan programming are encouraged to express their interest by providing the following information below.

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Briefly introduce your school district, its demographics, and the current challenges or areas where CIS programming can make a meaningful impact. What ABCS goals do you think you want CISM to focus on (Attendance, Behavior, Coursework/Culture & Climate or SEL)?
Describe your district's goals and expectations for partnering with Communities In Schools of Northwest Michigan. Please list any major partnerships you already have within your districts. Do you have staff doing similar work? How so? What do they do daily? Are administrators at all levels in the district excited to partner? We have found that, in order to be the most successful in schools, Principals and Superintendents need to be on the same page of what their needs are and our presence in the school building.
Provide information about your student population, including the number of students, demographics, and any specific needs or challenges.
Outline your district's dedication to actively engage in a collaborative partnership with CIS. This grant commitment spans three years, with a maximum of $45,000 per school, per year. By expressing interest, the district agrees to diligently identify the source of matching funds. It's important to note that Communities In Schools is an approved Title Dollars vendor as part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and can be funded through at-risk allocations like 31a.