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Helping kids build better lives

Our children need three things from you:  your awareness, advocacy, and action.  Please consider assisting us in making dreams become realities by: Mentoring


  •      Serving as a CIS Board Member
  •      Serving on a CIS Committee
  •      Becoming a Mentor
  •      Becoming a Tutor
  •      Volunteering in a CIS Program

The obstacles facing students vary widely. They range from overwhelming one time problems to coping with daily issues. Thay can require bringing together a multitude of expertise from different agencies to simply needing the attention of one caring adult. From dealing with a crisis such as eviction from a home to lack of sleep and social inadequacies, to a child, every obstacle is distressing and potentially the reason for leaving school.

Communities In Schools is addressing these issues and more. But we need your help – you are our community. Whether it is your time, your expertise, or your funds – it is all a gift to the students. Every gift, no matter the manner or amount, is important and can influence both Communities In Schools and the lives of our students in a positive, direct way. How can you impact a child today?

Get Involved

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