Wendy Lanning is a “rookie” as a CIS site coordinator but a “veteran” when it comes to working with and helping young students.   “This is my first year as a site coordinator at the Mancelona Elementary School, but I’ve been with CIS for four years,” said Wendy. “Before that, I was a nanny for two years and my sister and I owned our daycare for six years.”

With her valuable experience working with kids, Wendy does math and reading interventions during the day, as well as helps out with behavior issues that might arise. She also plans everything for the afterschool programs.   “Getting to know the children and building relationships with them is the most important part of my job,” said Wendy. “I want them to know they can always count on me.”

Wendy has seen firsthand the value of CIS.   “It has a huge impact on our school,” she said. “Everyone wants our children to be successful, so we work as a team to make it happen.”  That includes everything from providing school supplies to providing family resources, she said.   “It’s also very important for children to have a safe place to go after school,” she said. “It’s a place that is beneficial to them both socially and emotionally.”

When Wendy isn’t working, she and her husband Brian stay busy with their family. They will celebrate their 16thanniversary on June 15th along with their three children – Chloe (13), Isabelle (11) and Jayden (9).  “They are super active and keep us busy,” she said. “I also enjoy softball, basketball, reading, being on the boat and spending time with my friends and family.”

Wendy is pleased with the CIS team.  “I am proud to be part of Communities In School,” she said. “The hard work and dedication that is put in daily by all of our staff is amazing!”