Amy Enjoys Her Key Role at CIS

Amy Derrer is helping Mancelona High School students realize their full potential.  She has been the site coordinator for the high school since 2011 and has worked for CIS since 2005.  “I have the privilege of helping students become career ready and helping them get into college,” she said.

Her key role assists students in navigating their next path.  “It entails exploring employment opportunities, filling out college applications and FAFSA’s, as well as assisting with finding financial aid for students,” said Amy, who was born and raised in Mancelona.  “Students are identified and provided the necessary academic interventions like tutoring, credit recovery, plus after school and summer support to stay on track to graduate. Coordinating and connecting resources for students and their families is a key part of my role.”

Helping guide students is part of Amy’s DNA. She and her husband Dave – also a Mancelona native –  have raised two sets of twins, who are now grown and have careers of their own.  She graduated from Mancelona High School and Michigan State University.  She and Dave lived and worked in the Petoskey area.  “But after learning we were expecting our second set of twins, we decided to return to our home community to raise our four children,” she said. “Our family is a proud group of Ironmen alumni. So having the opportunity to give back to my school and community gives me great pride.”

When she’s not working, Amy enjoys spending time with family and friends, plus evening walks with her dog, Princess.  She also enjoys visits back to Mancelona by their children.  And since becoming an “Empty Nester,” she has taken up a new hobby.  “My husband convinced me to take up deer hunting,” she said, “and I shot my first-ever deer – a five-point buck.”